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Read Student Documents with GoodReader iPad App

Students may produce documents in a variety of formats that teachers must read and annotate, and the GoodReader iPad app can help. In your classroom, students may work on Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, iWork documents, Safari web archives, and so on. GoodReader can help you organize and open any of these plus more.

When you add iPads and the world of digital documents to a classroom, one of the issues you’ll encounter is that documents come in all formats, sizes, and types.

The spreadsheet that looked just great in Microsoft Excel on your Windows desktop computer all of a sudden either doesn’t open or looks like a jumbled mess on your iPad. One of the best apps for handling content from a variety of sources is GoodReader.

GoodReader is an iPad app that enables you to download, read, manage, organize, access, and annotate just about any file you have stored — locally or on the web. Many have described it as the all-purpose Swiss army knife of document readers.

GoodReader can download and synchronize content from a wide variety of sources. It will read and display most common file types and is equally comfortable with your 100-page manual as with a 1-page letter or a 30-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

GoodReader is extremely versatile in the ways it enables you to connect to the different locations where documents might be stored:

  • Open In: When you tap and hold a document in most iPad apps, such as Mail, the Open In function menu pops up. GoodReader usually appears as an option to open most types of documents.

  • Connect to cloud services: Tap the Connect to Servers pane, and you can add your account to any of a long list of storage and file synchronization services, such as Dropbox, Google Apps, Box, SugarSync, and more. Tap any option and type your account name and password, and a connection is established. Now you can view and download any files you have in that account.

  • Connect to a computer: Tap the wireless icon on the bottom toolbar and follow the instructions to connect GoodReader to your desktop or laptop.

  • Connect to the web: Tap the Browse the Web pane, and use GoodReader’s internal browser to locate any page or document on the web and download it to your iPad for reading. Tap the Sync button on the Web Downloads pane, and your downloaded document will be updated with any changes that may have occurred since you downloaded it.

Remember that GoodReader does more than just download a document to your iPad. Tap the Sync arrow, and GoodReader synchronizes a file or folder that updates and incorporates any changes that have been made since the last time you downloaded it.

The Manage Files pane allows you to move and delete files, create folders, e-mail files, and more. Tap the Preview pane, and you can preview any file you have downloaded before opening it. GoodReader built its reputation as being the file reader you want on your iPad. Simply tap any document in the list of downloaded files on the left pane, and GoodReader opens it for reading.