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Nine Great iPad Apps for the Educator’s Classroom

iPads in a classroom require apps that aid in student learning and teacher presentations, without getting in the way of learning. Essential iPad apps fall into various categories of usage: productivity, reference, professional development, utilities, content creation and handling, and news.

Although these iPad apps may not be “essential” they are extremely helpful for education in the iPad classroom, and so you may want to look into them further.

iPad apps frequently come and go, so check out the iPads in Education website, where new and essential items are constantly added to the list of apps you might want to consider.

Diigo iPad app for teachers

Diigo is a social bookmarking tool that gives you the tools to collect content, highlight and annotate it, archive . . . and share it.

Evernote iPad app for teachers

The dominant filing resource for anything and everything digital, Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, and record voice reminders.

Flipboard iPad app for teachers

Offering a unique and beautifully designed alternative to browsing the web for news, Flipboard aggregates news into a personalized magazine based on publications you’re interested in reading.

GoodReader iPad app for teachers

GoodReader for iPad will link to your Dropbox account, your Google Docs,, SkyDrive, SugarSync, a FTP server, and a WebDAV server, and can even pull up all the attachments in your e-mail accounts!

iMovie iPad app for teachers

Widely regarded as the premiere video-editing tool for the iPad, the version on your iPad 2 or higher isn’t as robust as the version available for the Mac, but it’s a very capable movie editor.

Notability iPad app for teachers

A note-taking app for the iPad, Notability gives you the power to integrate handwritten notes, drawings, typing, audio, pictures, and PDF annotation all into one document.

Pages iPad app for teachers

If you’re even thinking of creating any document that rises above a simple text file, Pages is the app to purchase.

Printopia iPad app for teachers

Install Printopia on any laptop or desktop computer, and your iPad will print anywhere it can.

Twitter iPad app for teachers

Twitter gives you access to the latest content and opinions on any subject.