iPad Video Apps for the Classroom - dummies

By Sam Gliksman

Although iMovie is the most popular option for creating and editing movies on the iPad, there are certainly many other apps that offer additional features … and many more are released all the time. Here’s a quick rundown of a few of them to consider.

Avid Studio

Avid Studio has a very intuitive user interface and most of the same features for adding and editing content as iMovie. There’s a handy selection of additional features for the adventurous among you who want to venture out and explore your creative options. Here are a few:

  • Avid Studio allows you to add and edit up to three additional audio tracks in your movie. Use them to create complex sound effects, audio transitions, and more sophisticated background audio.

    Transition effects between clips are enhanced with a far larger range of options, including high-quality dissolves and fades.

  • Create picture-in-picture effects.

  • Create professional titles with full control over fonts, sizes, colors, rotation, and more.

Reel Director

This is another popular video editing app for the iPad. Reel Director excels with impressive tools for adding titles and subtitles, and includes an impressive range of transition effects.

Silent Film Studio

This is actually an iPhone app but takes an extremely unique and creative slant on videos by turning them into old-fashioned silent movies. Add music, titles, and transition cards, and vary the playback speed of the video. If you update with the in-app purchase, you get additional functions, including the option to add retro music to your silent movie.


You thought that just taking and editing video on a mobile device was a leap forward? CollabraCam enables you to simultaneously control, shoot, and edit live video from multiple cameras on other iPads, iPhones, or iPod touches. Each device needs to have CollabraCam installed on it and be on the same wireless network.

One device acts as the “director,” viewing, recording, and editing live video streams from up to four other devices. You can also silently communicate with your camera operators and pass along instructions. The final assembled video is exported to the Camera Roll on the director’s device.