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iPad Accessibility Features for Visually Impaired Students

iPad comes with accessibility features that make it easier for students to see and use, even if they’re not visually impaired — Zoom, Large Text, Invert Colors, Speech Selection and Speak Auto-Text. Turn on these features by tapping the Settings icon, tapping General, and setting the feature you want to use to On.

Zoom iPad accessibility feature

Several apps on the iPad have a built-in zoom function, and it’s as simple as a single pinch onscreen. The zoom function in Accessibility, however, lets you magnify the entire screen and helps you get a closer look at your iPad display at any time, whatever you happen to be doing.

Zoom works on your Home screen, the Spotlight search screens, and in any app.

Using Zoom is simple:

  1. Tap the Setting icon.

  2. Tap General in the left menu.

  3. Select Accessibility.

  4. Tap Zoom, and toggle the switch to On.


Double-tap with three fingers to instantly zoom in 200 percent. Double-tap with three fingers again, and the iPad returns to the normal 100 percent display. If you want more control, double-tap and drag three fingers.

As you drag your fingers upward, the display increases the zoom up to 500 percent; drag them down to reduce the zoom level. Once you set the level of magnification, you can move around the zoomed-in screen by dragging with three fingers in any direction. All your familiar iPad functions and gestures continue to work as normal.

Large Text iPad accessibility feature

Use the Large Text feature to enlarge the font size of text. You can go up all the way to 56-point text. Turn Large Text on through the Accessibility menu in Settings.

Invert Colors iPad accessibility feature

Some people prefer their display in higher contrast. If you are one of those people, you may consider using the Invert Colors option, which changes your iPad display to white on black.

Like Zoom, this works across all apps, and it can also be used with Zoom and VoiceOver. Turn it on in your same Accessibility menu in Settings.


Speak Selection iPad accessibility feature

You may not require VoiceOver to be active when you use the iPad, but there may be times you’d like the iPad to read a certain few words to you. The Speak Selection option in Accessibility does just that when turned on.

Select any text in a website, e-mail, or anywhere else, and Speak Selection reads the highlighted text aloud. It also gives you formatting options, such as cut, copy, and paste.

Speak Auto-Text iPad accessibility feature

If you have the Speak Auto-Text feature turned on, the iPad plays a sound effect and the suggested word is spoken automatically as you type. To accept the suggestion, tap the spacebar. To ignore it, keep typing.