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iPad Accessibility Features for Hearing Impaired Students

iPad comes with accessibility features that make it easier to use for the hearing impaired student. If a student is hard of hearing, iPad sound delivery can be adjusted to make audio more easily distinguishable. Education with iPads often involves a variety of media and audio and is certainly an increasingly important method for communicating and expressing knowledge.

The iPad offers features to help those students with hearing difficulties:

  • Mono audio and channel balance: This option combines the left and right stereo channels into a single mono audio signal output. Mono Audio enables users with hearing loss in one ear to hear both channels in the other ear.

    To turn on Mono Audio, tap Settings, General, and Accessibility; Mono Audio is the Hearing category toward the bottom of the screen. Tap to turn it on.

    You can also adjust the balance of the output between the left and right channels by using the slider directly under the Mono Audio option in the Hearing section.


  • Headsets: In addition to the standard speakers, the iPad comes with an audio jack you can use to plug in earphones, earbuds, noise-canceling headphones, and amplified speaker systems. It also works with Bluetooth wireless headsets.

  • FaceTime: FaceTime is a great tool for people who want to communicate using sign language or by lip reading. Video chat allows users to see hand and finger gestures, as well as facial expressions.