How to Trim Educational Videos with iPad’s Camera Roll - dummies

How to Trim Educational Videos with iPad’s Camera Roll

It’s easy for students to record an educational video using iPad’s Camera app, and just as easy to trim out mistakes using iPad’s Camera Roll. Trimming a video allows students to exercise creative judgment and improve their storytelling skills.

  1. Select a video by tapping in the Camera Roll.

    It is displayed onscreen.

  2. Tap the screen.

    The trim controls appear. At the top of the screen is the video timeline.

  3. Drag a handle at either end of the timeline to trim that video.


    To trim more precisely, hold down the handle and you’re zoomed in so you slect which frames to trim.

  4. Tap the Play button.

    Preview the trimmed version then tap Trim when you’re satisfied.

  5. Choose Trim Original or Save as a New Clip.

    Save the new version over the old copy or save it as a new video.

Video files, especially high-definition video files or large and long movies, will eat up your iPad’s space faster than anything else. Review your Camera Roll frequently and trim or delete your videos. Don’t forget that you can remove them by synchronizing them with your computer and moving them elsewhere.

You may have used digital video cameras and editors such as iMovie for the Mac, but for making educational videos, the iPad’s video camera can’t be beat because it is always available, mobile, and simple to access and integrate into any learning process as needed. It’s important, however, to retain a realistic perspective when using iPads for video projects. They’re tremendous tools for smaller projects, but students won’t be shooting the next Lord of the Rings with an iPad. Motivate your students to shoot for the moon: Just make sure to keep your own expectations firmly on the ground.