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How to Engage Students through iPad Digital Storytelling and Multimedia

iPads in the classroom can be used to create digital multimedia stories for a variety of classroom learning projects. iPads offer access to educational apps and tools for creating digital stories. Use these storytelling iPad apps for creative expression, communicating information, entertaining, expressing comprehension, tutoring purposes, and much more.

Digital storytelling can be an important part of a modern curriculum. Here are just a few ideas for how you might use digital storytelling on an iPad in your classroom:

  • Create a narrated slide-show story to demonstrate the understanding of new vocabulary.

  • Use a video or screencast (a recording of interactions on a computer or iPad display) to explain a complex scientific concept.

  • Create an audio or video interview of your grandparents for a family history project.

  • Create a historical narrative of a pivotal event using images and audio.

  • Create a first-person audio journal of a person who lived during a significant event in history.

  • Explain a mathematical concept by creating a screencast tutorial.

  • Use audio podcasting to practice reading and speaking in a foreign language.

  • Demonstrate a portfolio of work with a personal narrative describing each piece, its objectives, and development.

  • Narrate a character story or a personal journal with a musical soundtrack.

Digital storytelling makes for engaging lessons that allow students to create and publish content rather than just passively consuming it. It empowers every student with the opportunity to develop his voice and personalize it through the use of media.

Throw away that lesson plan that calls for students to “read Chapter 5 and answer questions.” You have a wide variety of options for applying digital storytelling to your curriculum.