How to Create a Showbie Assignment for Your iPad Classroom

By Sam Gliksman

Roll up your sleeves because now you’re set up and ready to start creating assignments for your class so they can begin using their iPads. Tap any of the class names in the left column and follow me:

  • Create a new assignment. Tap the Settings icon in the top menus to create a new assignment. Give your assignment a name and a due date. You can also lock your assignment while you prepare it, and it remains hidden to students until you return and unlock it.

  • Distribute instructions in the Shared Folder. The assignment you just created is listed in the left column. Tap it to create and distribute information about the assignment. The left column contains the list of students that have joined your class and a Shared Folder on the top of the list. Tap the Shared Folder to create and distribute information about the assignment. Your options include the following:

    • Add files. When students open the assignment, they have access to all the information you leave in the Shared Folder. Tap the + icon on the top right of the display to add files for students.

    • Take a photo. Tap the Camera icon to activate the camera and take a photo. Snap a photo of anything students might need for the assignment.

    • Add media. Tap the Photo Library icon to add any images or video from your iPad’s Camera Roll.

    • Comment: Type instructions for students in a short text note that’s dropped into the folder.

    • Voice Note: Clear your throat and use the iPad’s microphone to record audio instructions for your students.

    • Another App: To save work from another iPad app into Showbie, open that app and use the Open In option. Select Showbie as the destination.