How to Annotate Images with the Skitch iPad App - dummies

How to Annotate Images with the Skitch iPad App

By Sam Gliksman

Many times, you may want to your iPad to mark up an existing photo or image with annotations, highlights, and notes for your students to see. Skitch is an app that’s great for those occasions.

Select an image from your iPad Photo Library or use your camera to capture a new one. Add arrows that point out details in an image. Add text that informs and explains. Use the Pen tool to highlight, sketch, and write on the image. Add shapes, stamps, blur details, crop the image, and more. Use different colors and pen widths for emphasis.

When you’re done, save the annotated image to your iPad Photo Library and share it with others. There many practical reasons to mark up a photo, illustration, map, or any other image:

  • Explain: Add detail to an image for a Science project. Take a photo of an object with specific dimensions or angles; then highlight and add notes for a project in Math.

  • Make suggestions: Highlight parts of an illustration or text and use notes to offer suggestions on how to improve it.

  • Capture web pages: Select web from the menus on the bottom of the screen, and Skitch opens a web browser for you. Go to any website and tap Snap to take a screen shot of it. Add details highlighting the URL, elements on the page, and/or notes on how to use the site.

  • Sketch: Select Draw from the menus on the bottom of the screen and use the Skitch tools to quickly sketch an image for someone. (Try saying “Sketch with Skitch” nine times quickly.)

  • Save and annotate maps: Select Map from the menus on the bottom of the screen. Find the area you want on the map and tap Snap to take a screen shot of it. Mark up directions and any relevant details.

  • Blur details: Use the Pixelate tool to blur private information in an image such as a license number or address.

  • Mark up a PDF: Use the Open In feature in any app that uses PDF documents and select Skitch as the destination. Select the pages you want to mark up from the sidebar in Skitch. Highlight parts of the document and add notes in Skitch.

  • Share: Tap the Share icon and share your image via email, Twitter, or Facebook. Skitch is owned by the same company that makes Evernote, and you can save images to an Evernote notebook or share them with others through a URL to the file in Evernote.