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Help Students Create Educational E-Books with ScribblePress iPad App

ScribblePress is an app that enables kids to author, illustrate, share, and publish an e-book for iPad. Your students can use ScribblePress to write and illustrate their own stories, and then publish them in e-book format for iPad.

When you open the ScribblePress app, note that it is divided into three sections: My Books, My Drawings, and Gallery. My Books and My Drawings include your unique creations, whereas Gallery is stocked full of books created and shared by others that you can download and read. Who knows maybe you’ll decide to share some of your own.


ScribblePress is similar to Book Creator in the sense that it uses fixed layout pages that include text and image elements, and you can add and edit pages as needed. It doesn’t have the audio capabilities included in Book Creator, but it does offer the following features:

  • Story templates: When you start a new book, you can create your own story from a blank book or select among 50 story templates to get you started.


  • Drawing tools: You can create and save your own drawings in the My Drawings sections or draw within the pages of your book as you create it. The app contains a cool set of drawing tools, including markers of various colors and types.

  • Stickers, stamps, and photos: Select and add images from a collection of stickers and stamps. Take photos or choose one from one of your existing photo albums.

  • The capability to add a book summary and short author bio: Write a short synopsis of the book to let potential readers know what to expect, and include a short biography of yourself as well.

When your e-book is finished, you can

  • Download it from the Gallery: Download and read books that others have shared in the Gallery.

  • Send it to iBooks: When you tap the icon to Send to iBooks, the app converts your book to an ePub file. You then can open it in iBooks or any other e-reader app that supports ePub.

  • Share it or print it: You can upload your book to the Gallery for others to read or order printed copies from ScribblePress for a fee.

When sharing a book, you’re presented with a Sharing Policy form onscreen. You’re required to select one box to verify that you’re either over 13 years old or the parent/guardian of the author. A second check box asks you to agree that you have verified that there’s no personal information or photos included in the book.

It’s obviously important to take precautions whenever sharing anything in a public forum, but it’s also simple for anyone to select the boxes and upload the book. Use this process as an opportunity to discuss in your classroom important issues of privacy and public sharing of information on the Internet.