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Help Students Create Educational E-Books with Book Creator iPad App

Book Creator is one of the simplest iPad apps for creating e-books. Book Creator frees students to work creatively on a range of e-book projects, and the completed books can be read in iBooks and published in the iBookstore. Maybe the next J.K. Rowling is sitting at the back of that second-grade class you’re teaching!

Book Creator is a simple app to use, and it’s a great tool for school projects. It uses a fixed layout format for its e-books. In practice, that means that the author controls the exact design and position of every element on the page.

You create each page with elements that have a fixed position and size that cannot be changed. The reader can usually zoom in and out but can’t change settings such as the text size and have elements reformat and flow onto other pages. It’s well suited to shorter books with a lot of images.


The basic steps involved in creating a book are simple; just follow these steps:

  1. Tap the + sign on the opening screen.

  2. When prompted, choose a portrait, landscape, or square size for your new book.

  3. Tap the Insert Image icon to insert an image, and tap the Add Text icon to insert your title text.

  4. (Optional) Insert a soundtrack or record an introduction by tapping Add Sound, tapping the red Start Recording button, and then speaking narration.


  5. Tap the Next button on the right side of the screen to start editing your pages.

    The Pages button on the top left of your display enables you to add, edit, and organize your pages as needed. Your book is automatically saved on your iPad as you work.

    • Pages can contain text, images, or embedded sound. Insert them anywhere on the pages by tapping the icons on the top toolbar.

    • Format text and choose among more than 50 fonts.

    • Add pictures or video from your Photo library. Move, resize, and rotate them on the page.

    • Record any sound or narration directly, using the app’s built-in audio recorder. It drops a little speaker icon on the page, which plays when tapped. You can also import audio from your iTunes library.

    • Guidelines and snap positioning help you lay out and align objects on the page.

    • Reorder pages. Tap the Pages button and tap Edit; then drag pages by their lined icons in the right column.

  6. Tap the My Books button in the top left.

    You’ll see it listed in your book catalog. The book is formatted as an ePub file by default and can be read by the many readers that support the ePub format.

  7. Tap the My Books button (in the top-left corner of the Book Creator interface).

    You’re returned to the My Books page (your Book Creator library). As you scroll through your books, notice the row of icons under each one.

  8. Tap the cloud icon to see the Export options:

    • E-mail your books.

    • Print using AirPrint or a printer app.

    • Send it to iTunes on your computer as an e-book or PDF.

    • Open it in any of a slew of other apps as an e-book or PDF document.


Book Creator uses a fixed layout format. That means that the books you create don’t give readers the flexibility to change colors and fonts. It’s targeted primarily at the creation of shorter books with images and brief text rather than longer, text-based books.