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Edit an Educational Video with iMovie iPad App

If you want to do more with your iPad education videos than just trim them, you’ll need the video editing capabilities of iMovie iPad app. iMovie for the iPad isn’t intended for heavy movie editing

iMovie for iPad is an excellent video editor, so many teachers use it in their classrooms to edit educational videos. Students can edit iMovies on the iPad easily, to create educational videos for classroom projects.


After creating an iMovie, you can edit it to add transitions and titles. Each frame of the iMovie appears in the Timeline at the bottom of the screen.

Here’s just a short selection of some simple but powerful options you can use to edit your movie project:

  • Zoom in and out. Unpinch your fingers in the Timeline to zoom in and see a more detailed frame view of your movie. That will be helpful if you need to be more precise when splitting clips, adjusting background music, and more.

  • Split a video clip. Scroll the Timeline so that the red Playhead is positioned where you want to split the video clip. Select the clip in the Timeline by tapping it. You’ll see it highlighted with an outline. Without lifting your finger off the screen, swipe down to split it at the Playhead. Splitting a clip is useful for trimming parts, and adding transitions, titles, and more.

  • Delete a clip or photo. Double-tap the element in the Timeline; a Settings dialog pops up. Tap the Delete button. You can also tap and drag an element out of the Timeline to delete it.

  • Add titles. You can add a title to any clip or image in the Timeline. Double-tap any element in the Timeline, and a small Settings dialog pops up. Tap Title Style and select a style option; iMovie adds a text box to that clip or image. Tap the text box in the Preview window and add your own custom title text.

  • Edit transitions. Every time you add an element in your project Timeline, iMovie adds a default transition into it. The transitions are based upon the project theme that you selected, but you can change them easily.

    To change a transition, double-tap the icon for the transition you’d like to edit. You can select Cross-Dissolve, Theme, or None to remove it altogether. You can also slide the duration of the transition to the desired time in the list of options.

  • Add a fade-in and fade-out to the project. Tap the Project Settings icon in the top right of the editor screen. Turn the options on for Fade in from Black and Fade out to Black.

  • Change the volume in a clip. Double-tap the clip in the Timeline and slide the volume control to the desired volume in the Clip Settings dialog. Turn it on or off altogether by tapping the On/Off button.