Design Short, Simple Movies with StoryRobe iPad App - dummies

Design Short, Simple Movies with StoryRobe iPad App

Students can use the StoryRobe app on iPads to create short video movies easily. StoryRobe combines selected images with voice narration to create video movies up to three minutes in length. Using the StoryRobe app is so simple, even young students can use it to tell simple stories.

StoryRobe is actually an iPhone app, but as you may know, iPhone apps also work on the iPad — just at a lower screen resolution. The video quality from StoryRobe may not win an Oscar, but it will be sufficient for educational purposes.

Don’t spontaneously record your narration without any preparation. Take some time to think about the story you want to tell, and write the narration that will accompany the slides. Create your video story using the following steps:

1Start a new StoryRobe movie by tapping Create Story on the opening screen.

The Choose Photo screen appears; it contains a menu of options to select your images or a short video clip.

2Select an image or video from your photo library or Camera Roll by tapping it.

You can also take a live photo on the spot by tapping the Take Picture option, which activates the iPad camera. Feel free to experiment. Once you snap your photo, you’re presented with buttons to Retake or Use your image. Tap the Use button when you’re satisfied, and your image is brought back into StoryRobe.

StoryRobe will prompt you after you add an image and ask if you want to add another. Continue selecting images until you’re done; then tap View Photo on the menus at the bottom of the display. All the photos you selected are listed, in the order in which you selected them.

3(Optional) To reorder the images, tap the Edit button.

Drag the image icon on the far right up or down to move the image to a different spot in the order.

4(Optional) To delete an image, tap the Edit button again.

Then tap the red Delete button on the left of a thumbnail to remove an image from your list. Don’t worry, the image isn’t being deleted from your iPad. It’s just being removed from the list.

5Tap the Record Story icon.

The Record Story icon is on the bottom right of the screen. After you tap it, you’re taken to the Record Story screen. The images in the slide show appear in a long row. At the bottom of the screen are three buttons: Next Image, Record/Pause, and Stop.

6Tap Record, and, speaking clearly, narrate the script for this image.

You can tap the Pause button at any time to stop and collect your thoughts and then tap it again to resume. When you’re ready to move to the next image in the slide show, tap Next Image, and continue recording.

7Tap Stop when you’re done.

StoryRobe presents you with a screen to name your video.

8Tap in the Video Name box, type the name of your new creation, and tap the Create Video button.

StoryRobe creates and saves the video. It actually creates two files: a StoryRobe file that you can open and edit in StoryRobe later, and a standard video file in your Photo app. After the video is created, you’ll find yourself on the Open Story screen with a list of all your StoryRobe files.

9Tap the View Story icon to view your video masterpiece.

Tap the Close icon on the top left of the Open Story screen to close the movie.

Share your creation by tapping the Share button, tapping a project in the list, and tapping either the Upload to YouTube or Email Story icon.

Allocate adequate time for students to work on their narration and slides before recording, and make this a clear and essential priority. If they have to rush into the creation of the videos without adequate preparation time to research, plan, and script, you won’t exploit the full educational potential of multimedia projects.