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What Is Dropbox for Business?

By James T. Cains

Dropbox for Business is a super-charged version of Dropbox geared toward business teams. It costs $15 per user, and you have to start with at least five licenses, so that makes it at least $60 per month. So, it’s not for the individual. To get some, but not all, of the additional features of Dropbox for Business as an individual, such as password protection and increased storage space, you need to upgrade to Dropbox Pro.

Here are the additional features you get with Dropbox for Business:

  • Unlimited storage space, as opposed to 2GB for the free plan and 1TB for the Pro plan.

  • Enhanced security with password protection and better permissions for documents. The free plan comes with the default “Can Edit” permission for all documents, so anyone can make changes to your documents. Pro and Business users can assign a View Only permission to disallow changes.

  • Remote deletion of Dropbox files if your mobile device is lost or stolen. Your data is still stored online and on your other devices, but it’s removed from the missing device.

  • Editing of documents by multiple team members without overwriting changes. This is a huge advantage when collaborating with business colleagues. Everyone can provide their input and make changes to the documents.

  • Versioning of documents; that is, you have access to previous versions of documents in case someone makes changes that you don’t agree with.

As always, since Dropbox is a cloud storage service, you’ll want to be careful which files you choose to store and share. Dropbox stores your files on its servers, and though Dropbox has a good reputation for security, there is always the possibility of unauthorized access. If you’re storing sensitive documents, you want to enable all of the available security features, such as two-step verification, which requires a separate six-digit code when you and your users log in to Dropbox.

You can try Dropbox for Business for free for 14 days, then cancel before the trial ends if it doesn’t meet your needs. This makes it easy to compare Dropbox for Business with other cloud storage services, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, or iCloud.