Tips for Better Online Surveys - dummies

Tips for Better Online Surveys

By Vivek Bhaskaran, Jennifer LeClaire

Part of Online Surveys For Dummies Cheat Sheet

There’s always room for improvement with online surveys. Check out these eight hot tips for better online surveys and build your own list to share with your colleagues.

  • Keep your surveys brief if possible. Shorter surveys tend to have higher completion rates.

  • Don’t ask a question unless the answer has real value to your organization or you are wasting your time and your respondent’s.

  • If your survey must be long, offer opportunities to quit the survey at several intervals so at least you can gain answers to some of the early questions before they drop out.

  • Spice up your survey questions with fun language when possible rather than using serious terms that put people to sleep.

  • Use simple language that people of all education levels and backgrounds can understand so there are no misunderstandings as to the intent of the question.

  • Don’t use biased language that leads the respondent to answer one way or another. The question should seem neutral, as if your company has no opinion.

  • Make up a name for your survey so your respondents can clearly understand the theme of the survey and the goal you are working toward.

  • Use a descriptive, catchy subject line for your e-mail invitation so your recipients are more likely to open your e-mail.