Staying Safe during Your Online Education - dummies

Staying Safe during Your Online Education

By Kevin E. Johnson, Susan Manning, Jonathan E. Finkelstein

Part of Online Education For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Stories abound about the dangers of the Internet, but a few simple measures can go a long way toward ensuring that your online education experience is safe and worry-free. Follow these guidelines:

  • Make payments for classes, books, and the like only at a secure site with https:// as the prefix.

  • Create a single word-processing or spreadsheet file where you keep all your login information. Save that file securely with a password. You then have to remember only one password rather than many.

  • Never tell your password(s) to anyone.

  • Don’t disclose your life story to classmates. Maintain some privacy.

  • If you need to provide contact information to your instructor or peers when working on a group project, provide only information necessary to complete the project, such as your school e-mail address and your mobile phone.

  • Be safe when meeting classmates in person for the first time. Always meet in a public space, such as a restaurant or café, during common business hours. You also may want to notify your instructor that you’re planning to meet and provide the day and time. Afterwards, you can provide your instructor with a summary of what you accomplished.