How to Sign Up for a Craigslist Profile - dummies

How to Sign Up for a Craigslist Profile

By Ashley Watters, Abshier House

Craigslist is a great free place to buy and sell things. Unlike most sites that claim to be free, but require that you activate an account, Craigslist can be used anonymously. However, if you regularly post ads, signing up for an account does have some benefits. Having a free Craigslist account grants you access to a control panel where you can manage all of your ads in one place. In the Control Panel, you can reopen expired or deleted ads which auto-fills your information, saving you time when posting.

How to sign up for a Craigslist Profile

Signing up is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. From a web browser, go to Craigslist.
  2. Select the My Account link in the upper left of the screen.A login screen will appear.
  3. From the screen, choose the Create an account option.craigslist login
  4. Enter your email address and select the Create account button.Craigslist will now send you an email to confirm the email address entered is actually yours.
  5. When you receive the email, click on the link located under “To log in to your account, please go to…”This will take you to a page to create your password.
  6. Create a password that is eight characters or longer.create craigslist password
  7. Click the Submit Password and Login button.You are now a registered Craigslist user. Have fun buying and selling! Check here to discover how to post ads on Craigslist.craigslist account