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Save Your Second Life Appearance

Messing up your Second Life avatar’s appearance is an unforgettable experience. Say you spend hours getting your avatar (your Second Life virtual self) to look ultimately cool and then decide to try on some goofy dinosaur outfit or spaceman gear only to find out that you can’t simply revert to your normally cool self. Here’s the down-low: Save your appearance as an outfit.

After you save how you look, you can do super-quick changes between outfits, and this doesn’t just include clothes. You can quick-change between totally different forms: dinosaur to dog, male to female, and so on.

Here’s how to save your appearance as an outfit:

1. Right-click your avatar and choose Appearance from the radial menu.

2. After changing your appearance, click the Make Outfit button.

The Make Outfit screen appears.

3. In the Folder Name box, enter the name of the outfit.

4. Select which items you want to include in the folder.

Be sure to select every check box on the Save As an Outfit menu and let it rename the objects in a folder. This makes your outfits easy to find. You might consider creating a folder in your inventory called Outfits so you can locate them quickly.

5. Select Rename Clothing to Folder Name to ensure that the clothing in the folder has the same name as the folder.

6. Click Save.