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Replace Your Television with Hulu

In the near future, you may no longer need your television to watch your favorite movies and TV shows; instead, thanks to services such as Hulu and Vevo, you’ll be able to watch them on your computer.


Hulu debuted some interesting features in their Hulu Labs section, including a desktop client that allows you to use a standard Windows Media Player or Apple remote to control playback of their video content. Hulu was just a convenient source of online movies and television before. Now, it lets people sit back and use it in the same manner as a television. That’s huge.

Other great features allow you to organize videos by the time they were released and recommended videos based on what you’re watching at the time. Throw in the time you save by watching less commercials on Hulu, and it’s a win for all.

So is Hulu the only answer? No, and it’s great that there are other resources out there for viewing, including the upcoming Vevo. Think of it like multiple TV channels. More choice is always better. But Hulu has taken a huge step forward.