Reduce the Risk of Child Identity Theft - dummies

Reduce the Risk of Child Identity Theft

By Amy Lupold Bair

Part of Raising Digital Families For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Most adults probably don’t realize that children can be victims of identity theft. The following tips can help decrease the risk of your child’s identity being stolen from online activity:

  • Remind your children to never share identifying information, such as their full birth date, online.

  • Teach children to never share their Social Security number online.

  • Teach your children to identify phishing e-mails and to not respond to or click through their links.

  • Teach your teens to look for https in URLs at sites when shopping online to ensure that they’re providing credit card information through a secure site.

  • Ask your teens not to do any online banking or shopping on public computers, via their phones, or when using a shared Wi-Fi connection.

  • Consider subscribing to both computer and identity monitoring services.

  • Install antivirus software on your computer, tablets, and smartphones.

  • Remind your children to protect laptops and phones against theft or loss, especially when transporting such devices in a backpack or school tote.

  • Ask your children to use password protection on all devices and remind them to log out of sites and devices.

  • Teach your children to not click sidebar and pop-up ads when they are online.

  • Ask children to not create e-mails and profile names that include identifying information such as birthdates, addresses, or Social Security numbers.

  • Teach kids to come to you immediately if a site asks them to provide personal information.

  • Remind children to never share passwords or store them in an easy-to-find location.

  • Teach children how to create strong passwords and avoid reusing passwords for multiple accounts.

  • Ask teens to not store sensitive information on laptops or phones.

  • Ask your children to not accept Friend requests from people they don’t know.

  • Talk to your children about identity theft just like you talk to them about other risks.