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Moving Your E-mail Account

Whether you’re leaving school or a job, eventually you’ll have to give up an e-mail address, and move an e-mail account. It’s always best if you get some kind of warning, but that period of time may differ depending on the institution or the company (and the circumstances of your departure). No matter what, there are a few steps you can take to make sure you don’t lose any e-mail information.

  • If you use an e-mail client like Microsoft Outlook, create an archive and put all the e-mail you want to save in that file. That way, you can copy the archive file to another computer and open them back up in Outlook there.

  • Set an out-of-office reminder on the account that sends the new e-mail address to any sender that uses your current address. That way, you can help others switch over to your new account.

  • Forward the e-mail to your new account from the old address. As long as the account remains valid, you’ll get the e-mail and be able to respond from your new account.

  • Some universities offer “lifetime” accounts, so that you can keep your e-mail address. Check out your options with the campus IT department before you leave.


  • Always keep a Web-based e-mail account like Hotmail or Gmail as a backup for any accounts you might lose.

  • Check with the company or university before you leave about their e-mail retention policies. You may have to leave copies of some messages behind for legal reasons.