How to Use Windows Live Mail - dummies

How to Use Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is part of Windows Live Essentials, Microsoft’s suite of free programs. You can download Windows Live Mail from

  • Set up an e-mail account: Click the Menu tab (the leftmost tab on the ribbon) and choose Options→Email Accounts.

  • Set your e-mail preferences: Choose Menu→Options.

  • Compose a new message: Press Ctrl+N or click the Email Message button on the Home tab.

  • Attach a file: Drag the file into the message text section of the message window.

  • Send and receive messages: Choose Send/Receive on the Home tab or F5.

  • Delete the current message: Press Delete or click the Delete button on the Home tab.

  • Reply to the current message: Press Ctrl+R or click the Reply button on the Home tab.

  • Forward the current message: Press Ctrl+F or click the Forward button on the Home tab.

  • Display your Contacts (address book): Click the Contacts button in the lower left corner of the window.

  • Create a new mail folder: Right-click the folder in which you want to create the new folder and choose New Folder.

  • Configure junk mail filtering: Right-click any message and choose Junk Email.