How to Use Blogger to Add an Image to Your Blog - dummies

How to Use Blogger to Add an Image to Your Blog

One way to make your blog post more appealing is to include an image. Blogger has built-in tools for uploading a photograph or piece of artwork that’s already the right size and format for displaying on the Web.

1Click the Add Image icon.

It looks like a photograph. The Upload Images window opens.

Some Web browsers have begun to include functionality that blocks pop-up browser windows from opening. If you click the Add Image icon and nothing happens, go into your browser settings to turn off this protection.

In some browsers, it’s possible to do this for certain Web sites rather than for all of them, so you can choose to allow Blogger to open a pop-up window without subjecting yourself to other annoying pop-ups. Consult your browser’s Help menu if you need assistance doing this.

2Click the Browse button in the Add an Image from Your Computer section of the page.

A File Upload dialog box opens.

3Locate the image you want to upload from your computer, select it, and click Open.

The location of the image is inserted into the image field.

4Choose a layout and image size from the options:

Layout determines how text will wrap around the image. You can choose None, Left, Center, or Right.

Image size determines what size the image will be shown in your blog post, regardless of how big the source image is. You can choose Small, Medium, or Large.

5Click to accept the Terms of Service and then click the Upload Image button.

Your image is uploaded and inserted into your blog post.

6Click Done.

The Upload Images window closes, and your image is visible in your blog post field.