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How to Use Blogger Options before Publishing Your Blog

Before you publish your blog by clicking Blogger’s orange Publish Post button, you can take advantage of several prepublishing features: preview, save as a draft, allow comments, or date and time settings.

  • Preview your post.

    Simply click the Preview link to see the post exactly as you formatted it, with links, text colors, embedded images, and so on.

    Previewing your post gives you one last chance to read for meaning and content, catch grammar problems, reconsider what you’re posting, and see how the text and content flows around any images. To make changes, simply click the Hide Preview link to go back to the editing screen.

  • Save as a draft.

    Many bloggers create posts well in advance of publishing them, such as when they’re planning a vacation. When you put them into Blogger, click the Save button instead of the Publish button, which sets the status of the post to draft. Even though the post is accessible via the Blogger Dashboard, it isn’t visible on your blog until you click the Publish Post button.

  • Set post options.

    Click the Post Options link to choose whether you want readers to be able to comment on your blog post by selecting the Allow or Don’t Allow radio button. You can also set the publication date and time that appears on the post.

The decision to turn off comments is one you can make at any time, so you can always edit the entry and turn this option off later.