How to Transfer Files with Skype - dummies

How to Transfer Files with Skype

By Loren Abdulezer, Susan Abdulezer, Howard Dammond, Niklas Zennstrom

File transfer isn’t limited to simple Skype conversations. You can also transfer documents during IMs and conferencing. Sending files during Skype conferences and IMs works the same way as it does during other Skype communication. Once you understand the principles, nothing could be easier.

Skype offers a quick and expedient way to transfer files. Three aspects in particular are worth noting about file transfer on Skype:

  • Ease and convenience: From an open conversation window, you can drag one or more files from your desktop and drop them onto the text box in the conversation window.

  • Security: With regular e-mail, unless you specifically go through some setup in advance, the files you transfer and receive over e-mail are unencrypted. Many popular e-mail systems won’t even let you send encrypted ZIP files. Skype allows you by default to send files securely.

  • No predetermined file size limit when transferring files: Although Skype is not a speed demon with file transfer, it doesn’t complain about file size. Skype can send files up to two gigabytes in size, which is quite large. By comparison, many business e-mail servers complain if attachments are more than a couple of megabytes and prevent such large files from being transferred.

The Skype conversation window serves as a virtual conference. As in a face-to-face meeting, you can place a document in front of every participant of a Skype conference — just to make sure that everyone has all the facts straight.

Skype permits the transfer of files instantly to all participants. When you are in a conversation, just click the Share menu button at the top of the text entry box. Choose the file you want to send and Skype will send it. The recipients will see an alert that lets them know you are sending a file.

An easy way to transfer files to people you are conversing with is to drag the file from a folder in Windows Explorer, the Windows desktop, or My Computer directly into the conversation window. You can even drag an image that’s visible from your Web browser into the conversation window.

If you pick a file to send and realize it is the wrong one, you can cancel the delivery. However, you have to do this quickly, before someone accepts the package.

You can send files only to contacts who agree to receive them.

Skype enables you to send a file to one person at a time by right-clicking the contact’s name in your All contacts list and choosing Send File.

You can also send a list of contacts you want to share.

  1. Select the Share option at the top of the conversation text entry box.

  2. Select Send contacts.

  3. Select the contacts you want to send from the pop-up box that appears.

  4. Click Send.

Of course, your contacts must authorize the person you are sending their information to before he or she can see their online activity.