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How to Start a Discussion in Smartsheet

By James T. Cains

Smartsheet was designed for collaboration in mind, and one of the main features of Smartsheet is the ability to have discussions within the sheet itself. You don’t need to use another tool to host discussions (such as Google Groups) or, worse yet, rely on back-and-forth e-mail threads that can get unwieldy and hard to sort through. Like other Smartsheet features, you can set up a discussion specific to a row (or task) or for the entire sheet. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to Smartsheet and open the sheet you want to modify.

  2. Highlight the row for which you want to set up a discussion.

  3. Hover over the cell in the Discussions column; the Discussion column header has a conversation bubble icon. When you hover over the cell, you see a conversation bubble with a plus sign.

  4. Click the conversation bubble with the plus sign for that row. The New Discussion dialogue box appears (see Figure 1).

  5. Alternatively, if you want to add a discussion for the entire sheet, click the Discussions tab at the bottom of the sheet, which also opens the New Discussion dialogue box in Figure 1.

  6. Type in a title for the discussion and add your comment in the text fields.

  7. If you want to include an uploaded attachment, click the paperclip icon or the Attach link. You can upload a file from your computer, from a cloud storage service like Google Drive, or provide the URL for a file hosted on a public Web site.

  8. Click Save.

    Figure 1: Starting a Smartsheet discussion.
    Figure 1: Starting a Smartsheet discussion.


After you click Save, you see that the row has a conversation bubble icon in the Discussions column. If you, or one of your collaborators, click on the bubble, you see the Discussions dialogue box, showing your comment (see Figure 2). You or your collaborators can add more comments to the thread. You can use the drop-down arrow on the right to e-mail, print, or delete a discussion.

You can create additional discussions for that row in the Discussion dialogue box by clicking the New Discussion button. New discussions appear in the same dialogue box as the original discussion.

Figure 2: Viewing a discussion.
Figure 2: Viewing a discussion.