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How to Set Up Your Skype Profile

By Loren Abdulezer, Susan Abdulezer, Howard Dammond, Niklas Zennstrom

Every new Skype member has an opportunity to set up information in a personal profile screen. You don’t have to set up your Skype profile; profiles are completely optional. The Skype Profile window clearly states that whatever details are included are “details that only my contacts will see.” So, don’t feel obligated to fill in the blanks!

To open your Skype Profile screen, choose Skype→Profile→Edit Your Profile from the Skype menu.


You have the option to fill in the following fields:

  • Full Name: There are advantages to adding your real name to your profile:

    Adding your full name makes it easy for others to find you on Skype.

    If you use Skype for business, your full name is a vital piece of information for clients to access.

    In a conference call or chat, any member of the group can look up your profile to find your name. If many people are conferencing or chatting for the first time, forgetting a name is easy, and it’s handy to have it available.

  • Gender: Gender is another option that can help you narrow a search in the Skype directory. If gender is not included in a person’s profile, it is not searchable.

  • Birth Date: This can be useful if you are open to meeting people your own age or if you are an advocate for a specific age group, such as teens, the elderly, or baby boomers.

  • Country/Region, State/Province, or City: This information is useful for these reasons:

    Skype is international. Knowing where someone lives can help callers prepare for cultural differences in communication.

    All locations are searchable in the Skype directory.

    Location provides information on local time zones, which helps callers know when to call (and when not to call).

  • Language: Choose your language from a drop-down list.

    This lets callers know if they need to engage a translator in advance.

    Language is a searchable item in the Skype directory.

  • Home Phone/Office Phone/Mobile Phone: Skype allows you to list three phone numbers, one for home, office, and cell.

    Your Skype profile is available worldwide, so your phone numbers have a global reach.

    You can update your telephone information on Skype instantly. This feature enables you to provide the most current contact information, even if you are in the middle of a major relocation.

    If someone cannot contact you on Skype, your profile gives that person instant access to your phone numbersin an emergency. People can SkypeOut to you from within the Skype program, or just use a cell or landline.

  • Web site: It costs nothing to create a Skype account and list a Web page that you want all the world to see. The Website box has room for only one Web address, but it can be an effective contact tool for you because:

    Web site links are active. A contact can navigate to your Web site directly from your profile.

    Posting a Web site in your profile is free advertising for your business, product, service, or yourself.

  • About Me: This is your chance to tell your story in 200 or few characters. You can

    Describe your business.

    Put in a short bio.

    List your hobbies, collections, or favorite activities.

  • Adding a photo or artwork: You can add a 96-x-96–pixel graphic to your profile. The format for your graphic must be JPEG or BMP. You can add a picture in two ways:

    Click the picture box in the lower-left corner of your profile window. A My Picture screen opens. Click Browse to search for a picture you have stored in your computer.

    Click the Change button to the right of the picture box. Doing so also brings you to the My Picture screen. Click Browse and search for a picture.

    Your picture is visible only to people in your approved Skype contact list. People who find your Skype profile in a search will not be able to see your picture until you give them permission.

  • Show My Time: Skype is available 24 hours a day in all time zones. Your profile page enables you to do indicate your time zone in two ways:

    Click in the Show My Time box. This action displays the actual time of day as shown on your watch or wall clock.

    In the Show Time box, you can choose the My computer’s option or select a GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) zone from the drop-down list provided.

  • Show How Many Contacts I Have: Skype automatically displays how many Skype contacts you have. If you do not want to convey this information, simply deselect this check box.

  • E-mail: You can provide up to three private e-mail addresses. Not even your contacts can see these on your profile. Providing your e-mail address is useful because if you forget your Skype password, you will need your e-mail address to retrieve it. Also, people who have your e-mail address can use it to search for your Skype Name, even if the e-mail address does not appear in any Skype directory.