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How to Report MySpace Abuse

Whether it’s a message that you think is spam or a profile that has crossed the line between appropriate and inappropriate content, you need to report abuse to MySpace. MySpace is dedicated to making your experience as safe and secure as possible, and it has many different ways for you to report problems — and you can stay anonymous at the same time.

Here’s a list of a few ways you can report problems to MySpace:

  • Flag spam/abuse: Received one message too many from that MySpace spammer? Let MySpace know by flagging the message as spam/abuse. Just click the Flag as Spam or Report Abuse link that’s included on every received message. The link is located to the right of the date on each received message. After you click the link, the message will be deleted from your Inbox and sent to MySpace for review.


  • Report inappropriate content and abuse: Anyone with a profile can post basically anything on the MySpace profile page, but unfortunately, that anything might be something that you feel is inappropriate. There are a couple of ways to let MySpace know about a MySpacer whose content or actions give you a not-so-great feeling.

    • If you want to report a MySpace profile, click the Report Abuse link in the footer of any MySpace profile page. You’re taken to a report form where you can let MySpace know what’s up.


    • If you have general questions or comments or want to report other MySpace abuse, click the Contact MySpace link that’s included in the footer links at the bottom of every MySpace page. This link takes you to the more detailed Contact Request form, where you can select Reporting Abuse as your subject and select one of many subtopics (such as Spammers or Underage User).


  • Report privacy questions and concerns: If you prefer to directly e-mail MySpace regarding safety, privacy, abuse, or anything else, you can send an e-mail to

Before contacting MySpace, always check out the resources posted online for users. You can access great Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by clicking the FAQ link located in the footer links at the bottom of every MySpace page. From general information to safety tips for parents, this is a great resource that you should check out when you have questions.