How to Post to Pinterest with Buffer - dummies

How to Post to Pinterest with Buffer

By James T. Cains

In addition to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you can also post to your Pinterest account with Buffer. The catch, though, is that Pinterest posting is available only for Buffer’s paid plans. You can’t post to Pinterest from the free plan. The good thing is that Pinterest posting doesn’t cost anything extra beyond the subscription fees for the Awesome and Business plans, and you can try out Pinterest posting as part of the seven-day Buffer for Business free trial.

Pinterest posting from Buffer is a little different from posting to other social media channels. Pinterest is really for image sharing and is based on the concept of a bulletin board on which you tack, or pin, up photos of interest. So, when you post to Pinterest from Buffer, you must choose an image and choose the board you want to post to.

Adding your Pinterest account to Buffer is just like adding any other account. In your Buffer dashboard, choose Connect More, click Connect under Pinterest, and go through the sign in and authorization process to allow Buffer to access your Pinterest account. Your Pinterest account appears on the left with your other accounts.

Here’s how to start pinning from Buffer:

  1. Click your Pinterest account on the left, which displays the Upcoming Post screen.

  2. The Pinterest icon should already be highlighted. If it’s not, click it. You see a dialogue box in which you can search for a certain board to post to or you can create a new board.

  3. Either search for or create a new board to post to. The board you want to pin to appears at the post box (see Figure 1). You can post to only one board at a time.

  4. Below the account icons, type in a caption for the image that you want to share. If you’re promoting a product for your business, you may want to include a link to the product page. When you paste in a URL, campaign tracking codes are automatically appended to the end of the URL, so you can track the link’s performance.

  5. To add an image, click the camera icon to load an image from your hard drive.

  6. In the Source box, paste in the URL of a source website you want to link to.

  7. Click the Add to Queue button. You can also click the down arrow next to the button to share at the next scheduled time, share immediately, or to custom-schedule the post.

Pinterest doesn’t allow the posting of shortened links, such as or links. So, any URL you paste in appears in all its lengthy glory, unless you have another way to shorten the link, such as with a website redirect.

Figure 1: Using Buffer to post to Pinterest.
Figure 1: Using Buffer to post to Pinterest.