How to Post a MySpace Profile Comment - dummies

How to Post a MySpace Profile Comment

Posting a Profile Comment on MySpace is an easy and effective way to communicate with the members of your Friend List. You can post a Profile Comment to say happy birthday, to post an upcoming event reminder, or to rehash last night’s concert. MySpace Profile Comments are a fun means to keep up with everyone else’s world.

Here’s how to create and post a Profile Comment:

  • On your friend’s profile page, scroll down to the Friends Comments section.

    The Friends Comments section is usually shown directly following the Friends Space on your friend’s profile page.

  • Click the Add Comment link at the top of the Friends Comments section.

    The Post a Comment entry form appears.

  • Fill out the Body of the Comment entry form and click the Submit button.

    Enter the Profile Comment you want to leave for your friend. Include any HTML code that you want to include as well. If the user doesn’t allow HTML in the Profile Comments, that, too, is displayed on this form so that you’re aware of the setting.

  • Confirm the Profile Comment and post the comment or edit it.

    A Confirm Comment screen appears and gives you a preview of how your Profile Comment will appear when posted. If the preview looks the way you want it to, click the Post Comment button to post. If you need to make changes, click the Back button on your browser to edit.