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How to Manage Your Dropbox Profile Settings

By James T. Cains

Dropbox’s Profile settings enable you to control specifics about your account, such as username, e-mail address, notifications, and so on. Here’s how to access the Profile settings of your Dropbox account:

  1. Open a Web browser and go to

  2. Log in to your account

  3. Click your username in the top right corner and choose Settings.

  4. Click the Profile tab if it’s not already selected (see Figure 1).

    Figure 1: Manage your Dropbox Profile settings.
    Figure 1: Manage your Dropbox Profile settings.

User information section

In the top section of the Profile settings, you have the following options:

  • Username: Click Change to change your username.

  • Plan: Beneath your username, you see the Dropbox plan you have. Hover over the information icon and click Upgrade Your Account if you want to change your plan.

  • Account Photo: Click Choose from Dropbox to pick a photo you want to use for your account. You have to upload the photo to your Dropbox first.

  • Personal Email: Click Change Email to change your e-mail address. Remember that you use this e-mail address to log in to Dropbox.

The Preferences section

The Preferences section enables you to change how certain things appear and how Dropbox contacts you. Take a look at your options:

  • Language: Click Change to switch to another language.

  • E-mail Notifications: Check or uncheck the boxes to change how Dropbox communicates with you regarding your Dropbox account. By default, all the boxes are checked. If Dropbox is sending you too many e-mails, uncheck some of the boxes you’re not interested in.

  • Date Format: Change the format in which you want dates to appear. For example, you can have the year display first, as in 2015/05/01.

  • Dropbox Settings: This is a catch-all for settings that don’t belong anywhere else.

    • Include me on early releases: If you want to use new Dropbox features before they’re released widely, check this box. Keep in mind that new features may not work properly and may disappear or change without notice.

    • Show display of recently viewed links: If you want to see the history of your viewed links, check this box.

    • Enable RSS feeds: If you’d rather receive Dropbox e-mail notifications via RSS feed rather than in your e-mail inbox, check this box. You can subscribe to the Dropbox RSS feed for your account.

    • Automatically detect time zone: Dropbox will detect your time zone automatically, based on your computer’s location settings. If you don’t want this, uncheck the box, which enables you to customize your time zone.

When you’re finished updating your Profile settings, click the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page.