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How to Make the Most of Polls in Your Blogs

Polls are a great way to increase your blog traffic; no one can resist talking about themselves, especially if there’s a button to push along the way! You can use polls, too, for getting readers to provide useful feedback and making them happy about doing it.

You can use polls on your blog in a couple of ways:

  • Create a poll for your blog. PollDaddy offers a free poll service that you can use to create a poll and then display the results. You can even customize the poll so that it matches the rest of your Web site design.

    After your create a poll, you can insert the HTML code PollDaddy provides in your blog sidebar or in a blog entry, sit back, and wait for the results to roll in. After your readers take the poll, they get instant results. After choosing an answer, the poll screen changes to show the reader the percentage of answers for each choice.

    One especially nice feature of PollDaddy’s polls is that you can create a poll widget specifically for your blog sidebar. Insert the code into your template once and then use PollDaddy to control what poll is displayed in the widget, saving you from having to mess around in your template every time you want to change your poll question.


  • Take a poll, test, or survey and embed the results in a blog post. This doesn’t sound super fun, but it actually is! Many of these polls are lighthearted, so they’re fun content for lazy Fridays. Best of all, when you create the blog post, you create a link back to the poll, so your visitors can play around, too.

    Quiz Meme is a great source for some of these quick, fun polls.