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How to Keep Personal Information Private on Facebook

By Ryan C. Williams

No one wants anything bad to happen to you and your personal imformation as a result of something you do on Facebook. You don’t want that. Facebook doesn’t want that. But no matter what, you need to take part in keeping yourself safe. To ensure your own safety on Facebook, you have to make an effort to be smart and safe online.

So what is your part? Your part is to be aware of what you’re putting online and on Facebook by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Is what you’re putting on Facebook legal?

  • Would you be embarrassed by someone in particular finding this information?

  • Will the audience with whom you’re sharing this information use it in a way you rust?

You need to be the one to choose whether displaying any given piece of information on Facebook is risky. If it’s risky, you need to be the one to figure out the correct privacy settings for showing this information to the people you choose to see it — and not to the people you don’t.

You should also make good use of features like Facebook Friends lists. These lists allow you to determine a subgroup of your friends that you can share specific information with — information that doesn’t go out to the rest of your friends. Use a Close Friends list to post more personal stuff, and share your fabulous vacation photos with everybody you wish to bore or make jealous.

Facebook Friends lists work only when you address your posts to the correct list. If you share the wrong thing with the wrong people, you’ve circumvented your own security policy. Check the list before you post!

Your part is equivalent to the part you play in your everyday life to keep yourself safe: You know which alleys not to walk down at night, when to buckle your seat belt, when to lock the front door, and when to toss the moldy bread before making a sandwich. Add these to your list:

  • Use your Facebook privacy settings wisely.

  • Be careful about what information you expose to lots of people.