How to Join MySpace - dummies

How to Join MySpace

The first step to getting your own page on MySpace is to sign up on the site. You give your name, e-mail address, and information about what town you live in, and you’re a member.

The big difference between signing up on MySpace and signing up on other sites is that the information you enter when you create your MySpace profile will be immediately shared with anyone who takes a look at your MySpace page.

To sign up for MySpace, you need to have a few things:

  • A computer connected to the Internet

  • An e-mail address

  • To be at least 14 years old

Signing up for a MySpace account is a short, painless process requiring basic contact information.

  1. Click the button that reads Sign Up! in the Member Login box and enter the requested information in the text boxes.

    MySpace requires certain information to start an account. Your initial sign-up screen asks for the following:

    • E-mail Address: Enter the address you’ll use to receive all messages from MySpace. The e-mail address you enter can’t already be in use by another MySpace account.

    • First Name: This will be the default Display Name for your account. The Display Name is the name other users see when they visit your profile page. You can change your Display Name at any time, so don’t worry about your real first name causing any privacy issues.

    • Last Name: Similar to your first name, this doesn’t have to be your actual name.

    • Password: This is the password you’ll use to keep other people from accessing your MySpace account. MySpace requires you to use at least one nonletter character in your password.

    • Confirm Password: Retype the password you just typed in the previous box to confirm there are no typos in the initial entry.

    • Country: Select the nation from which you’ll be accessing MySpace most of the time. It’s like your choices with the names – if you prefer to stay anonymous, you can select a country other than the place of your residence. Whatever country you select will appear in your profile, so choosing a country other than your own might result in visits from users looking for other users residing in your country of choice.

    • Postal Code: Type in the postal code associated with your home address. In the United States, the postal code is more commonly known as the ZIP code. Again, if you want to remain somewhat anonymous on MySpace, the sign-up page will accept “00001” as a postal code even though the number isn’t associated with a real place.

    • Date of Birth: Enter the month, day, and year of your birth. As with most of the other fields, MySpace can’t verify your birth date, so you’re free to enter a false date if you want to keep your actual date of birth private.

    • Gender: Click Female or Male.

    • Allow Others to See When It’s My Birthday check box: You can keep this option checked if you want your friends to be able to see when your birthday is. This is checked by default.

    • Preferred Site & Language: The default option is U.S.A., but more than 20 other language options are available if needed.

    • Agree to terms and conditions: To complete your sign up, check this box that verifies you’ve read MySpace’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You can click the links below the box to read either.


  2. Click the Sign Up button and verify your account.

    MySpace takes you to a screen where you need to verify your account by proving that you’re not a spammer/computer trying to create an account. Simply type what you see in the Verification box into the text box beneath it. This step verifies that bots, or automated programs designed to sign up multiple profiles, can’t do their job on MySpace.

    The verification code is case-sensitive, so make sure all the capital letters are capitalized and the lowercase letters are lowercase.

  3. After you properly verify your account, you can start uploading photos to your profile; click the Skip for Now link.

    You travel to a page where you can invite friends to join. Click the Skip for Now link on that page as well to travel to your MySpace home page.