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How to Find a Web Host for Your Blog

After you purchase your domain for your blog, you need to find a Web host. Look for a Web host for your blog that has everything your blog software needs to run. Keep in mind that Web hosts vary greatly in terms of what they offer. Unlike domain hosts, Web hosts are unregulated. The hosting company gets to choose which Web-hosting services are offered.

  1. Do an Internet search for “Web hosting” and select ten Web hosts to compare.

  2. Compare their services and narrow your search to the ones that look right for you.

    Take into account the technical requirements of the blog software you’ve chosen.

  3. Call the Web hosts and talk to their staff.

    You can tell a lot about what the company is like by how friendly staff members are on the telephone. How are they on the phone? Are they friendly or noncommittal? If they offer customer service only by e-mail, e-mail them. How quickly do they respond? Are your questions actually answered?

    When comparing, always confirm the numbers provided in sales materials. Here are the top questions to ask a prospective Web host about its Web-hosting packages:

    • What is your reliability and uptime guarantee?

    • What is your data transfer limit, and what are the charges for additional bandwidth?

    • How much disk space is the package, and what are charges for additional space?

    • What is the technical support like? What are your telephone hours? How is e-mail support handled?

  4. Research each company’s performance.

    Look for online reviews for each company. Seek out the Better Business Bureau and find out what kinds of problems the Web-hosting company might have run into and read about how it dealt with them.

    Check in with other bloggers that use the software you plan to use and find out what hosts they use.

  5. When you find a Web host, check out the packages on offer.

    Many Web hosts provide a comparison chart you can use to quickly compare pricing and features.