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How to Filter and Sort Social Mention Search Results

By James T. Cains

When you use Social Mention to see how the social universe is reacting to something, such as a new product your company has released, the results that Social Mention returns can be a little overwhelming. Depending on what you’re searching for, you can get hundreds, if not thousands, of results. Luckily, Social Mention enables you to filter down to the results you want and gives you helpful data on those subsets of results (see Figure 1 for reference).

Filtering Social Mention results

At the top of the Social Mention search results page, you see a row of links that show you results based on the type of content. Here’s where each type of result comes from:

  • Blogs: From content sites like WordPress blogs and other blogging sites.

  • Microblogs: From sites like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Bookmarks: From bookmarking sites, like Delicious or Reddit.

  • Images: From image sharing sites like Photobucket.

  • Video: From video sharing sites like YouTube.

Sorting Social Mention results

You also have these additional options for filtering results:

  • Sort By: This drop-down enables you to sort by Date or alphabetically by Source.

  • Results: This drop-down enables you to define the timeframe of your search, from the last hour, the last 12 hours, the last day, the last week, or the last month. The default is anytime.

    Figure 1: Filter and sorting Social Mention results.
    Figure 1: Filter and sorting Social Mention results.


Social Mention isn’t terribly consistent about how far back it goes in searching. Sometimes, it may go back a month, sometimes a couple of days, or it may go back two years. Given the nature of your searches — that is, you’re probably interested in only very recent data — this probably doesn’t matter too much. But if you’re expecting to get good historical data, then you’re out of luck.