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How to Figure Out How Much a Blog Costs

Deciding on how much money you can commit to your blog — and therefore how much your blog will cost — is a good indicator of which platform you should acquire. Many of the hosted services available to new bloggers tend to be free to you, at least at the basic level of service. And many of the nonhosted blogging software packages are also free, but the Web server you need to install them on most definitely isn’t.

Blogging costs can be associated with

  • Blogging software: Some packages are free; others aren’t. In some cases, the blogging software might be free for personal use but can cost money if you use it for commercial purposes.

  • Upgrades: When you choose a software package with a price tag, be sure to note the costs for upgrading that software down the line. Blog software is in flux, and there will be updates!

  • A domain name: Regardless of whether you choose a hosted or nonhosted solution, you can buy a domain name (also called a Web address) and point it at your blog.

  • Web hosting: If you choose a blogging software package that needs to be installed on a Web server, you need to find Web hosting.

  • Support costs: If you have questions about your blog software or Web hosting, it might cost money to get answers. Find out what the support policies are for both software and hosting before you buy.

  • Web designers: If you need to hire a Web designer or developer to produce a design, install the software, and get things started, you’ll have to pay those folks.

  • Special bells and whistles: You might find that you can purchase and use extra add-ons with your blog, from cool functionality to exciting designs.