How to Delete a MySpace Friend

You may want to delete a friend from your MySpace Friend List – de-friend, if you will. When you know that it’s time to get rid of a certain person, you need to know how to delete the unwanted friend from your Friend List.

1Click the number of friends link in your Friend Space.

Clicking the number of friends link (the number of friends you have inside parentheses) in the upper-left corner of your Friend Space section of your profile page takes you to the View Friends window.

2Click the Edit Friends button.

The View All Friends window, which lists all your current friends, appears.

3Find the friend you want to delete.

Unfortunately, MySpace doesn’t make finding the friend you want to delete from your Friend List easy. You need to find that person by flipping through your friends that are listed in the Friends window. (The friends aren’t listed in any particular order.)

4Select the box under your friend’s picture and click the Delete Selected Friends button.

This step completely deletes the friend from your Friend List. Also, there isn’t any delete-confirmation alert, so there’s no room for second thoughts; be 100 percent sure that you want to delete him.