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How to Decide Who Can Become Your MySpace Friend

You’ll receive Friend Requests from MySpace users you know and other MySpace members you don’t know. Being able to decide whether you should accept the Friend Request and befriend the user is very important, as you don’t want to let just anybody into your online circle of friends.

Keep these points in mind as you decide who can become your friends on MySpace:

  • Be wary of unusual or misspelled display names. Make sure to take a good look at the display name of the user who’s trying to friend you. If he’s a spammer or someone that you might not want to associate with, this could be one of your first clues.

  • The user doesn’t have a profile picture. If a user doesn’t have a profile picture on the account, it’s likely you’re looking at a spam account. Anyone who would legitimately want to become your friend would at least take the time to add one picture to his profile.

  • Research the profile. If you still aren’t sure about the Friend Request you receive, simply click the link to their profile and do a little research on the user. Pay attention to the comments that other people have left on the page, check for links or images that take you to a third-party Web site, and take a look at their picture gallery to see whether they look legitimate.

  • Send a message. If all else fails me, click the Send Message button on the Friend Request and ask the person directly why he or she chose to send you a Friend Request. If the answer sounds good to you, you can accept; if not, you can deny.