How to Create and Send a MySpace Bulletin - dummies

How to Create and Send a MySpace Bulletin

A bulletin is MySpace’s way of giving the millions of users a way to broadcast a message to every one of their friends via Bulletin Space. The more friends you have, the more likely the bulletin you create and send will get noticed and (hopefully) viewed.

Before you create a bulletin, think about why you’re sending the bulletin and what message you really want to get across. Considering that bulletins are the only way to message several people at one time, many people abuse this feature by sending them out all the time for no particular reason.

If you send out a large number of bulletins, you risk a chance of not getting your friends’ attention when you really need to – not to mention that your friends could become annoyed and delete you from their Friend Lists permanently – consider it the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” of the new millennium.

To create and send a bulletin, follow these steps:

1Click the Post Bulletin link on your profile page.

The Post Bulletin link is in the bottom-right corner of the Bulletin Space section on your MySpace profile page. When creating a bulletin, you basically have a blank template to work with.

2Fill out the Subject and Body areas of your bulletin message.

MySpace requires both a Subject and Body to be entered before a bulletin is sent. If you aren’t sure if your message looks the way that you want, don’t worry because you can preview your message before you send it. Also, you can allow your friends to comment on your bulletin.

3Click the Post button to preview your bulletin and then click Post Bulletin or Edit.

The preview/confirmation screen enables you to see your bulletin layout in the same way that your friends will view it. Use this final check to look for any misspellings or design fixes. To make changes, click the Edit button to go back to the text version of your bulletin and make the changes. If the bulletin looks good, click Post Bulletin.