How to Create an Inventory of Your Financial, Hardware, and Utilities and Services Internet Account Passwords - dummies

How to Create an Inventory of Your Financial, Hardware, and Utilities and Services Internet Account Passwords

By Ryan C. Williams

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need to write down your internet account passwords to remember them. You might not even need passwords in a perfect world. And the ice cream would be free, too. You don’t live in that world, though, so this gives you a place to record passwords to reference when your memory fails you.

Financial passwords

The passwords you create for sensitive financial information, including bank accounts, credit cards, and loans, are some of your most important passwords. You should never repeat a password across multiple financial accounts. Make every password unique!

  • 401k

  • IRA and other retirement accounts

  • Credit cards

  • Bank accounts

  • Investment accounts

  • Mortgage

  • Credit score–reporting services


  • Financial-planning software (including Quicken or Mint)

  • Tax preparation software

  • Payroll and paycheck services

  • Auto, student, or other loans

Hardware passwords

Gadgets and hardware often require passwords to access user screens or applications. As long as you don’t let anybody else use these devices, you’re probably pretty safe with these passwords. But still, make sure you don’t leave these passwords lying around near the gadgets in question — just to be safe.

  • iPad or other tablet

  • iPhone or other smartphone

  • PC

  • Laptop

  • Home Wi-Fi network

  • Home router

  • Home modem

Utilities and Services passwords

This list includes passwords associated with the bills you pay every month, week, or year. As much as you’re hoping somebody else will pay them for you, use a unique password for each of these accounts. These accounts often store sensitive information like bank account numbers or other personally identifiable information. The better sites store this information securely, but why take the risk?

  • Monthly Utilities

    • Electricity

    • Water

    • Sewer

    • Gas

    • Heating

    • Trash services

    • Recycling services

    • Home phone (landline)

    • Mobile phone

    • Internet service provider

  • Cable or satellite television

  • Satellite radio

  • Medical (including care providers, facilities, and pharmacies)

  • Insurance (including health, auto, and home)

  • Reimbursement savings accounts

  • Bureau or Department of Motor Vehicles

  • Other bill-paying accounts