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How to Change Scheduled Delivery Times in Buffer

By James T. Cains

When you create social media posts in Buffer, you can choose to post immediately, at a customized date and time, or at regularly scheduled times. You can set up regularly scheduled times that are unique to a particular social media account. So for example, you can have Twitter posts delivered four times a day, but have Facebook posts delivered twice per day. You can also set up multiple posting schedules, depending on the day of the week; for example, you may want to have a different posting schedule for weekends.

Buffer’s paid plans — the Awesome and Business plans — give you more freedom in changing scheduled delivery times than the free Individual plan. With the free plan, you can’t schedule different times on different days. With the paid plans, you can set up any schedule you want.

Buffer’s default schedule is every day, four times a day for Twitter and two times a day for Facebook and other accounts. You can change these, though. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to Buffer and view your dashboard.

  2. On the left, choose the account for which you want to modify the schedule.

  3. Click Schedule in the top navigation. You see the screen in Figure 1.

  4. In the Schedule Timezone box, make sure your time zone is correct. Likely, you can type in your city and state to get time zone options to choose from.

  5. To change the Every Day schedule, click that tab, if it isn’t already highlighted.

  6. If you want to change this schedule, consider the options below:

    • Change the days: Since this is an Every Day schedule, all the days of the week are selected. Deselect any days you don’t want in this schedule. For example, if you want this to be a business week schedule, deselect Saturday and Sunday. Notice how the name of the schedule changes to Every Weekday. Pretty cool, huh?

    • Change posting times: You may already see two or four times established for you. If these don’t agree with you, use the hour, minute, and AM/PM drop-down menus to change the times.

    • Remove posting times: Say you don’t want to post that much. Hover over the clock icon next to a time and click the X that appears to delete that time.

    • Add posting times: What if you’re not posting enough? That’s what the Add Posting Time is for. Clicking that button adds another posting time to the bottom of the list, which you can adjust accordingly.

  7. Now, say you want to create a new posting schedule, this time for weekends. Click the New Posting Schedule tab.

  8. Choose the days to post — for example, Saturday and Sunday. The name of the tab changes to Every Weekend.

  9. Change the posting time or add additional posting times by clicking the Add Posting Time button.

  10. When you’re finished with the posting schedules for that particular social media account, click another account on the left to change the posting schedules for that account.

If you operate on a 24-hour clock (sometimes called military time in those countries that use the 12-clock), you can change that in the Time Settings. On the Schedule screen, look for “Perhaps keen for 24 hour time? You can change it here.” and click the blue link. Then click the toggle switch to 24hour.

Figure 1: Modifying your regularly scheduled delivery times.
Figure 1: Modifying your regularly scheduled delivery times.