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How to Blog without Losing Friends and Family

If you’re not careful on your blog, you can damage relationships with friends and family. Many bloggers have posted content that they later regretted. Even if you never criticize others, you might possibly reveal information about others that your friends and family will find disturbing.

Enter the Mom test: Will your blog post get you in trouble with your mom? Sure, you’re an adult, and so is she, but she’s the most likely person to call you on an inappropriate blog post. Your coworkers might be appalled when they read about your love life, but they probably won’t ever tell you that your blog is a problem. Your mom will.

In some ways, the Mom test is all common sense:

  • Don’t blog about topics you think will hurt others.

  • Don’t blog about others without their permission, even about topics you consider inconsequential. Don’t identify friends and lovers by name without their permission.

  • Remember that your blog is archived, so what you say today might be read later. Your report on an unsuccessful relationship might be read by the next person you want to date.

Before you hit the Publish button, stop for a second. Are you writing for the reader, or are you writing for yourself? If the answer is the latter, you might be better off keeping a real diary in a format that isn’t publicly accessible to the entire world.