How to Blog with Honesty and Openness - dummies

How to Blog with Honesty and Openness

Communication on a blog is about openness, honesty, and being straightforward with your topics and ideas — and readers. If you’re not honest on your blog, be prepared for questions. For example, if you choose to blog about your life anonymously, you may be challenged about whether you’re a real person. If you’re a CEO writing a blog, you may need to defend your writing as your own.

Follow these rules about honesty and openness in your blogging:

  • Explain who you are and why you’re blogging.

  • If you need to hide your identity or those of people you mention, indicate that you’re doing so and why.

  • If you start a fake blog, make sure you disclose somewhere on the site that it is, in fact, fake.

  • If you’re making money from your blog posts, explain the arrangement and how you’re allowing it to influence (or not influence) what you write.

  • If you mention a fact or story that you got from someone else, explain who your source is. If you can link to it, do so.

  • Take responsibility for what’s on your blog, no matter where else you might have heard or read about what you write about.

Being honest and open on your blog is an interesting concept, especially when you think about the number of people who choose to be anonymous. For many bloggers, telling the truth is first about emotional honesty and second (or perhaps not at all) about revealing who you are.