How to Blog on Social Networks - dummies

How to Blog on Social Networks

You can blog on social networks, such as MySpace and FaceBook, thanks to their bountiful (and improving) blogging tools. In general, social networks with blogging tools are good for, well, social networking. These blogging tools aren’t appropriate if you’re starting a business or professional blog — unless you’re trying to appeal to a very young, hip audience.

If you decide to blog by using a social networking site, it’s a good idea to use the blog tool of only one of them. Even if you sign up for several social networks, having multiple blogs on each system is confusing for you and for anyone trying to keep track of your blogging efforts.

If you’re not sure which social network to belong to, find out which ones your friends and family are using. Don’t forget to consider which ones have the coolest designs and best functionalities.