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How to Become Someone’s Friend on MySpace

You can officially become someone’s MySpace friend by either sending a fellow MySpacer a Friend Request or by being on the receiving end of a Friend Request from another MySpace user.

Sending a Friend Request

Sending a Friend Request is the most important step in the overall friending process on MySpace. Although you can find users on MySpace in several different ways, there’s only one place where you can initiate the sending of a Friend Request: the Add to Friends link in any user’s Contact box.


To send a Friend Request, locate the user’s Contact box on his profile page and then click the Add to Friends link in the Contact box. After you click the link, the Add to Friends confirmation screen appears. Click the Add to Friends button on the confirmation screen to send the Friend Request.


You also have two additional options when sending your Friend Requests. The first is the ability to send a short message along with the Friend Request that can help your potential friend with the decision of accepting your request or not. The second is the option of including your full name with the request, which helps your potential friend know who you are beyond your MySpace username.

Accepting a Friend Request

Just as you’ll be searching and finding users to become friends with, other MySpacers will be doing the same. As a result, you might receive a Friend Request. A New Friend Requests! update is shown in your Updates section whenever you have Friend Requests that you haven’t viewed.


To accept a friend request, click the New Friend Requests! update or the Friend Requests button in your Control Panel. In the Friend Request Manager window, choose one of three choices: approve, deny, or spam.


Under these three options are two other options to help you figure out exactly who is trying to request your MySpace friendship:

  • Send the person a message by clicking the Send Message link. This is MySpace’s way of letting you find out a little more info on this so-called pending friend. Not real sure you want to add that particular user? Just send off a message — maybe the response will make you feel a little better about approving or denying them.

  • Click the View Mutual Friends link so that you can see the friends that you and your potential MySpace acquaintance have in common. After seeing the friends that you both have in common, it’ll hopefully help you decide whether you click the Accept or Deny button, but either way it’s your choice.