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How to Admit Mistakes on Your Blog

If you make a mistake on your blog, admit it. Apologize, if necessary. Above all, don’t deny or hide the mistake on your blog. Of course, mistakes upset people, but you can do a great deal to help yourself and your credibility in how you handle the mistake after it’s discovered.

In general, most bloggers try to avoid editing posts after they’ve been published. Sometimes, however, you need to correct the original post when you’ve made a factual or grammatical error. Fortunately, bloggers have evolved some ways of indicating corrections in blog posts that you can benefit from.

Many bloggers make corrections by using strikethrough text on the original error and following it with the correction. Other bloggers use italics or bold or make notes at the top or the bottom of the blog post to make these kinds of corrections. The strikethrough style, however, has the advantage of letting you indicate the original error clearly.

Making a correction while retaining the error is best (unless it was libelous or is causing legal trouble) rather than simply changing the text as if it was never there.

You can handle updates in two ways:

  • Expand on your original post: If you change your mind about something or need to expand on what you said, it’s sometimes better to do so in the original blog post rather than starting a new one. Updating the original blog post ensures that your first words are associated with the update and that people are likely to read the update along with the original post.

  • Start a new post: When you really mess up, you might also choose to post a new blog post explaining what went wrong and how you might be able to avoid similar mistakes in the future or just clarifying the situation.

If you start a new post to explain a mistake, it’s a good idea to link to the old post and to go into the old post to create a link to the new one, just so all your readers get a chance to see the details.