How to Add Team Members to Buffer - dummies

How to Add Team Members to Buffer

By James T. Cains

Buffer’s business plans comes with team collaboration, which is a fancy way of saying that you, as the manager of your company’s Buffer account, can add other people to the account and give them posting privileges to your company’s social media accounts. You can make team members either content managers or content contributors, depending on what you want them to be able to do. Here’s what each permissions level means:

  • Content Manager: A manager can add posts to your accounts and schedule them without your approval. A manager can also change the posting schedule.

  • Content Contributor: A contributor can add posts to your accounts, but you have to approve them before they go into the delivery queue.

Make sure you trust the person you’re giving manager permissions to. Though you do see the posts they create and schedule, a manager doesn’t need your permission to post and can also send out posts immediately.

When you want to add team members to your Buffer account, you have to send them an invitation, which they have to accept. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to Buffer and view your dashboard.

  2. On the left, choose the social media account to which you want to add team members.

  3. Click Settings at the upper right, and choose Team Members. You see a list of email addresses that currently have access to that social media account. If you haven’t added any team members yet, then only your email address appears.

  4. Click Add Team Member. You see a list of all your social media accounts, with the one you chose in Step 2 already checked (see Figure 1). If you want to give the team member access to your other accounts, then hover over and check the boxes for those accounts.

  5. Type in the email address of the team member you want to add at the top.

  6. Next to each social media profile, click the down arrow to choose the permissions level you want to give — either content manager or content contributor.

  7. Click Add Team Member.

That new team member appears in your list, and the team member will receive an email invitation, which explains what he or she needs to do next to complete access to the account.

Figure 1: Adding a new team member to your Buffer accounts.
Figure 1: Adding a new team member to your Buffer accounts.


You add team members only once to the list. When you view your list of team members, you can switch accounts on the left to see what permissions level each team member has for that account. If you didn’t give a team member access to a certain account, you see “No Access.” You can change that access by clicking the down arrow next to the email address; the team member will receive an email invitation, which he or she must accept for the access change to be completed.