How to Add Images from Other Web Sites to Your Blog - dummies

How to Add Images from Other Web Sites to Your Blog

Blogger enables you to add an image from another Web site to your blog. If you have permission to use the image or if the image is in the public domain, you can create additional interest in your posting by including a “borrowed” photograph or piece of artwork.

1Find an image or photo on the Web that you want to use.

Make sure that you’re allowed to use it by checking copyright permission or asking the creator.

2Right-click the image and select Copy Image Location from the menu.

Phrasing of this option may differ in different browsers. If you don’t see anything that looks right, choose Properties from the menu. A window opens that shows you the URL address, which you need to copy.

3Head back to Blogger and start a new post.

Alternatively, you can open a post that you’ve already created.

4Click the Add Image icon.

It looks like a photograph. The Upload Images window opens.

5Paste the image address into the URL field on the right of the window and then choose a layout and image size from the two options.

Layout determines how text will wrap around the image. You can choose None, Left, Center, or Right.

Image size determines what size the image will be shown in your blog post, regardless of how big the source image is. You can choose Small, Medium, or Large.

6Click to accept the Terms of Service, click the Upload Image button, and then click Done.

The Upload Images window closes, and your image is visible in your blog post field.