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Google Voice For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From Google Voice For Dummies

By Bud E. Smith, Chris Dannen

Google Voice saves you time and money and gives you the capability to manage calls, SMS text messages, and voicemail messages right alongside e-mail, contact information, calendar entries, and more. With Google Voice, you can reduce aggravation from the wrong phone ringing at the wrong time and increase your efficiency and responsiveness.

Top Five Money-Saving Features of Google Voice

A great business idea is sometimes called a money spinner. Let Google Voice spin money — and save money — for you with these five top money-saving features:

  1. Free U.S. and reduced-price international calls, charged to your account, from any landline or cell phone.

  2. Free conference calling (incoming calls only).

  3. Free call recording and store online (incoming calls only).

  4. Transfer a call to and from mobile (incoming calls only).

  5. GOOG-411 – free directory assistance.

Top Five Time-Saving Features of Google Voice

Time is money, the saying goes, so by saving time with Google Voice you’re also, in the long run, saving money. Doing things more quickly also means less aggravation and more time to get work done and enjoy life. Take advantage of these top time-saving features of Google Voice:

  1. Screen calls, listen in, block calls; manage which of your phones ring.

  2. Get voicemail notifications, transcriptions, audio links by e-mail and/or SMS

  3. Access from most cell phones.

  4. Free Google Voice dialers for Android phones and BlackBerry phones.

  5. Transfer all calls to any phone.

Top Five Google Voice Features for Call and SMS Management

With Google Voice, you can organize everything from what the caller hears when leaving a voicemail message to how you handle SMS text messages and voicemail messages. Use these top management features of Google Voice:

  1. Inbox: Get call notifications, voicemail transcriptions, voicemail audio links, SMS messages on Web site or mobile site.

  2. Flexible greetings: Personalized greetings for all, by group or by caller.

  3. Flexible call preferences: Set call preferences for all, by group or by caller.

  4. Share audio links and download audio files.

  5. Use call widgets to receive calls to Google Voice without showing your number.